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Markus was initially skeptical, as he has already tried some gluten-free flours and mixtures. None could really convince him. But our three mixtures have amazed him. You will read more about it on his blog.

Strawberry cake with mint crumble
Pie with blueberry mousse
Pull apart bread with pistachio pesto

Kooperation Eattolerant

Eat Tolerant
Since she suffers from various allergies and intolerances, Jessica intensively engages with delightful alternatives without gluten, lactose and histamine. She has also developed some great recipes with our flours.

Cherry muffins
Apricot-vanilla crumble cake
…and many others can be found here.


100% GMO-free and gluten-free – these are the two arguments that convinced the ladies of Epi-Food to try KOMEKO. On their blog, it’s all about a nutritional concept without industrial sugar, cow’s milk and wheat flour products.

vegan tarte flambée

Feast and enjoy to the fullest despite celiac disease! Kerstin shows you how it works with numerous recipes on her blog. With KOMEKO she has baked a soft sponge cake base. In her post she shows you how fast and easy it is done.

Lemon cake

Kooperation Zottenglueck

Thanks to gluten-free diet Daniela has managed to free herself from her stomach ache and has become a passionate baker. In her blog post, you’ll read more about milk croissants, muffins and other treats, that she baked with our flours.

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